Vice World Media

Our full in-house studio Produces Documentaries and short videos that cover the history of American Vice.

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Slot Machine Secrets

Cheating a slot machine was easy back in the day but wasn’t always the wisest thing to do. You live by the jackpot, you die by the jackpot. Discover how they cheated and what to look for.

Slot Machine Prohibition

The history of slot machines began as trade stimulators on store countertops then evolved into the casino one armed bandits of Las Vegas. These early slot machines have a dark history but they are the very fabric of American Vice.

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Joe's Build Out

We go back in time and decorate a small office into a vintage office from the turn of the century and Prohibition Era.

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Bordello Lampagraph

The early brothels and bordellos were either high class or skid row. The decor inside combined elegance with entertainment for the valued customers and so did a certain phonograph. Like the soiled doves of the past, the phonograph had to sound good and look great.

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Prohibition Books

Fathers Gift

Money Makers

ACC Prohibition Party

Al Capone Art