Vice World

Everything good about everything bad.

Prohibition Era

Profits from slot machines and alcohol gave birth to organized crime in the 1920’s.

Gold Rush Era

Gold, gambling, gunfights, boxing and horse racing forged America’s Wild West.

Vice History

We investigate the history of American Vice and the gambling machines that emerged from it.


Countdown to Prohibition 100

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Prohibition through our pop-up events across America.

Event schedule and passwords coming soon.

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Stars Antiques, Hermosa Beach, Ca.

We will be hosting pop up marketplaces around the nation so you can buy a piece of authentic American Vice history.

We sell anything from Saloon Bars to Slot Machines, Cigar Vendors, Trade Stimulators and more.

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Joe's Build Out

Watch our first historical build out at Joe’s personal office. We go back in time and decorate a small office into a nice office study from the turn of the century and Prohibition Era.

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Slot Machine Prohibition

The history of slot machines began as trade stimulators on store countertops then evolved into the casino one armed bandits of Las Vegas. These early slot machines have a dark history but they are the very fabric of American vice.

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