Everything Good About Everything Bad

We are curators of America’s Vintage Vice Machines. Book one of our custom exhibits for your prohibition party or casino event. Our vast collection of vintage gaming machines and experts tell the hidden history of American Vice through exhibits and interactive events.

We have a large a collection of authentic vintage machines for any exhibit or event.

Our latest event

America is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Prohibition in 2020 and we kick it off in Arizona.

Vice World brings our cameras and machines to the Arizona Country Club and film their Party.

Prohibition Era

Profits from slot machines and alcohol gave birth to organized crime in the 1920’s and we have machines from that era.

History of Gambling

Our machines cover anything from the Gold Rush Era to the Prohibition Era and even up until the 1960’s

Vice World History

We investigate, collect & restore vintage American Vice and the gambling machines that emerged from it.

Stars Antiques, Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Our Pop Up store has ended in Hermosa Beach, CA

Next stop is Arizona Country Club for a Prohibition Party and Exhibit.